A River Runs Through Us

Directed by Carla Pataky | Documentary | 22 mins | 2011

A personal and hopeful introduction to one of the biggest threats facing our world’s lifelines, as told by the people at the forefront of the global movement. Filmed at Rivers for Life 3 – a 2010 gathering of 350 river activists from 50 countries, which International Rivers helped organize in rural Mexico – this documentary touches on issues such as how climate change will affect rivers and dams; what happens to communities displaced by or living downstream of large dams; and what kinds of solutions exist that both preserve our life-giving waterways while meeting our needs for energy and water.

The Director

Carla Pataky is an independent filmmaker living in Mexico City. Her film-making experience is mainly in documentaries for television and organizations, associated with minorities, counter culture, environment, and human rights. She’s been awarded grants from several Mexican agencies such as the culture grant for artists from Conaculta, and the Education for Art Program.

In addition to  A River Runs Through Us, she photographed the documentary for television “Once upon a time” about violence against women in Mexico. The documentary was produced for Canal22 a public television station in Mexico.

From 2007 through 2009, she coordinated an environmental education program in the coast of Oaxaca, teaching art & environment workshops with elementary school teachers and promoters in rural communities. She coordinated a participatory video project with four communities in Oaxaca, dealing with solid wastes and community development.

From 2002 – 2005 she coordinated bulbo.tv a program broadcast nationwide by Canal22 about short documentaries on the Tijuana-San Diego border.



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