Festival Guidelines


The festival is open to films of any length and genre. Entries should correspond to any of the following thematic categories:

  1. Anti-imperialism | Films tackling the issue of global capitalism, neoliberal globalization and imperialism, including the struggle of nations for genuine national independence and democracy.
  2. Local struggles | Films depicting the struggle to defend and assert the democratic rights of a particular community, trade union, or a grassroots organization. The category may include a wide range of issues including workers’ rights, migrants rights, youth and children’s rights, land reform, indigenous people’s rights, social services, and other social justice struggles.
  3. Human Rights | Films tackling the issue of state sponsored terrorism and fascism, and the gross violation of civil and political rights of the people.
  4. Gender | Films on the issue of gender discrimination and violence, and the promotion of women and gay rights.
  5. Environment | Films tackling the issue of environmental preservation and sustainability, and the struggle against ecological destruction caused by large-scale capitalist plunder of the environment.


Non-English language films must have english subtitles.


Film submission

There is no entry fee for submitting your film. However, we cannot cover the shipping cost.

We will require everyone interested to first submit a completed festival entry form, and if possible, an online trailer/or sampler of the film. The deadline for this is on October 4, 2015. We will then give our feedback after three days. You may send the completed form and a link to the film’s trailer/sampler to agitprop.filmfest2@gmail.com

Download festival entry form HERE

Only those who have submitted their festival entry form on October 4, 2015 will be accommodated in the festival.

The deadline for the submission of films is on October 12, 2015. You may send your film to this address:

AGIT-PROP Film Festival via AtlerMIdya Office

2nd floor, 114 Timog Ave., Quezon City, Philippines

or you can email us directly at agitprop.filmfest2@gmail.com for other possible arrangements (including online download).

Screening Format

Films can be submitted in DVD format (preferably NTSC), DV tapes (also in NTSC), or digital .avi or .mov files (*recommended, especially for videos in HD format). The films will be shown using a digital projector which is why we cannot accept film prints.


Festival program

The festival will be first held on November 11-12, 2015 at the University of the Philippines Campus in Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Afterwards, it will tour different parts of the country, especially in other universities. It will also be opened to anyone or any organization willing to promote and mount the festival outside of the Philippines.


One response

  1. Dean Airo Dancel

    Can we still submit our film?
    I know the deadline is over but hope you can still accept us.

    Our film is PINOY TRANKINGS, about the life, journey, struggles and journey of 6 transmen in the philippines. Its a 48min advocacy documentary film

    Hope you can still accept us. Pls.



    October 15, 2015 at 4:51 pm

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