Social Justice and the Plight of the Oppressed

Ka Bel | Feature Film on Social Justice and the Plight of the Oppressed

Mayday Multimedia | Documentary-drama | 60 mins | 2010 | Philippines

An inspirational video documentary-drama on the late Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran, a well known Filipino labor leader. It relates the story of how an ordinary peasant son became a working class hero and internationalist.


• Diagnosing Poverty

Directed by Ron Magbuhos Papag and Bedette Libres |  Kodao Prudctions and Intal | Documentary | 33 mins | Philippines

“All our achievements are fruit of the people’s unity.

Without, we would have been defeated. That’s how we were able to survive.

This is how Manang Anita, Philippine community health worker, summarizes the essence of her community’s struggle for health.

Diagnosing Poverty, Building Community tells the story of Filipinos who take their health and their future into their own hands like the poor peasant in Bukidnon, Mindanao, And Gene and Julie, two young doctors from Manila.

It is the story of Baby Jessie, a child from a remote indigenous community, who almost died because of his government’s neglect and wrong priorities. Most of all, it is the story of ordinary people’s courage to organized them.


Hingalo / Breathless

Directed by Anna Isabelle Matutina | Fiction |10 mins | 2010 | Philippines

A desperate man tries to save his wife and the life of his unborn child in what seems to be the longest ride of his life.


Kinulayang Kiti / Hand-painted Feathers

Directed by Richard Legaspi | Red Room Productions | Fiction | 24 mins | 2009 | Philippines

A young boy learns to have his own painted chick believing that it can bring back to life the father who was shot to death in a picketline.


• The Oak Park Story 

Directed by Valerie Soe and Russell Jeung | Documentary | 22 mins | Color | 2010 | U.S.

Facing unsanitary housing conditions that led to the hospitalization of several children, 44 households of Oak Park banded together to sue and eventually won a landmark settlement, against their landlord. Despite the victory, this too brought about some surprising, unintended consequences.

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• A Step Back In Time

Directed by Indiriani Kopal | Documentary | 10 mins | 2010 | Malaysia

[EngageMedia Curated Film]

Batu Arang, a small town in a Malaysia – was the birthplace of many radical unions. The Coal Workers Union had a leading role in some of the largest strikes of the period when they protested over their working conditions and poor wages.


• Let’s Not Be Afraid

TransAsia Sisters Association, Taiwan | Documentary | 44 mins | 2010 | Taiwan

More than 430,000 foreign spouses from China and Southeast Asian countries marry to Taiwanese. Many of them are women from poor families in rural areas in their native countries. Like everyone else, they dream for a happy marriage and a better future. However, only when they arrive in Taiwan, they realize that they are treated as “others” who are strangled by discriminative policies.


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