2011 Festival Organizers

Southern Tagalog eXposure is an independent multimedia collective based in the Philippines’ Southern Tagalog region. Since its formation in 2001, it has produced award winning film and video projects – from documentaries to animated music videos; as well as other multimedia initiatives to promote the rights and welfare of the country’s marginalized sectors and their struggle for social justice. | visit stexposure.wordpress.com


Mayday is an independent multimedia collective composed of cultural artists and workers committed to the struggle for labor rights. It works with people’s organizations and trade unions to produce audio-visual works that give an accurate and compelling picture of the condition and struggles of Filipino workers.

Founded as the video production unit of Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research (EILER, Inc.) in 2004, Mayday has spun-off into a separate entity since 2008. Since then, it has expanded its work to graphics and sound design to more effectively cater to the needs of various people’s organizations and labor federations.


Tudla Productions is an alternative film and media collective that strives to specialize in documentary productions tackling significant social issues and the plight and aspirations of marginalized sectors in society.


Kodao Productions is an award-winning multimedia production outfit. We produce video documentaries on burning social issues in the Philippines such as environmental destruction, human rights, civil liberties, and many mor

e. We also produce broadcasts for national radio networks and community radio stations throughout the country. Both our video and radio productions have been awarded and given citations by private and government institutions. | visit  http://www.kodao.org/


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